A group of three children including 12-year-orald Yonas, stand in a makeshift refugee camp in northern Ethiopia, looking at the camera.

Tigray Crisis Appeal

Hunger is threatening the lives of children in northern Ethiopia.

Right now, a deadly conflict is raging in the Tigray region.

Heavy shelling has forced families to search for safety and many are now living in camps.

Children are hungry, exhausted and scared. Food is running out and your support is vital.

Every minute counts for children in Tigray.

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How you can help

Right now, we’re on the ground in Ethiopia. Your donation today can help us reach children with food, water, healthcare, and shelter. Please help deliver the lifesaving support they need to survive – before it’s too late.

Your donation today could provide essential items to families who desperately need them.

Many, many thousands of children here need the support and prayer of the UK public.

Stephen Court

World Vision Ethiopia

Living in a crisis

12-year-old Yonas and his father describe the impact of the conflict on their lives.  

Hunger is threatening the lives of children in northern Ethiopia.

How we protect families

Every minute counts. Please donate to help children in Tigray.

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