A 7 month old in the DRC sits in the loving arms of his mum

DRC crisis: Help children in the DRC

Children from the Democratic Republic of Congo need your help

Children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are suffering right now.

They face conflict, lack of food and water, poverty, disease and a lack of access to water, sanitation and hygiene. All of these increase children’s vulnerability to exploitation.

They need your help.

By giving to World Vision, you can help us reach more children in the world’s most dangerous places, like the Democratic Republic of Congo. Together we can help them survive, recover from trauma and build a future.

Giving regularly can help save and protect children in the world’s most dangerous places, wherever the need is greatest.

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We are working on the ground to train community and faith leaders to protect children and ensure children and their families have access to clean water.

We're partnering with local health centres to provide treatment for malnutrition and other preventable illnesses.

But we can't do this without your support.

Help save and protect children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and more of the world’s most dangerous places, by giving to World Vision.

We’ve gone three days without eating anything but sweet potato leaves. We have to endure the hunger.


14 year old girl from the DRC

Hunger in the DRC

People in the DRC have faced crisis after crisis. The second-largest country in Africa saw conflict erupt in the Kasai region in 2016, creating millions more internally displaced people. Just a few years, the people of DRC were hit by Ebola outbreaks. World Vision is providing emergency assistance but the threats to children and their families remain severe, as Marie’s story shows.

What hope looks like in the DRC

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World Vision is reaching one new person with clean water every ​10 seconds and reaches three more schools every day with clean water. 

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