Help get supplies to children affected by the cyclone.


Cyclone Fani hit India’s coastline on Friday morning (3 May 2019). Making landfall near the tourist town of Puri, the storm was expected to travel north and on into Bangladesh, with over 100 million people in its predicted path.

The full impact of the cyclone will not be known until the storm has passed, but here’s what we know and what we’re doing to help vulnerable children and their communities in the Cyclone Fani’s path.


In preparation, mass evacuations have taken place along the eastern coastline.

World Vision has 17 long-term programmes in, or close to, Cyclone Fani’s expected path. 41,160 children who are part of the sponsorship programme live in those areas.

World Vision India’s teams are already on the ground, preparing supplies – including food, shelter and water purification tablets – getting ready to set up Child Friendly Spaces, and our assessment teams will move in as soon as possible.


In preparation, mass evacuations have taken place along the eastern coastline.

World Vision is working together with local and government authorities and well as other INGOs, to prepare for refugee and local communities’ needs.

Cyclone Fani is the strongest recorded cyclone in years for this part of the world at this time of year. Tens of millions of people are in its path.

We are extremely concerned about the impact on children and families living in coastal areas, where winds will be strongest, as well as those living in low lying areas that will be prone to flash-floods and landslides.

- World Vision Bangladesh National Director, Fred Witteeven

Please can you help us get these urgently needed supplies to the people of India and Bangladesh:

  • £16 EMERGENCY BABY CARE KIT Including nappies, wipes, and a blanket.
  • £65 EMERGENCY FAMILY BUNDLE Basic kit for a family of 5, to keep them healthy and safe.
  • £29 EMERGENCY HYGIENE KIT Help a family keep their health and dignity in a time of desperate need.


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