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Our work: Health

Over the last five years, 89% of the severely malnourished children we treated made a full recovery.

Our vision is good health for all.

But every day children are dying before they have a chance to live.

World Vision focuses on nutrition, protection and health services – especially for 0-5 year olds.

Meet Minara

“She was so tiny. She suffered disease a lot. She didn’t like to eat,” explains Jaheda, Minara’s mum.

At Just 14 months old, Minara had fevers, and rashes on her head. World Vision’s treatment centre in their refugee camp in Bangladesh diagnosed and treated her for malnutrition.

Now, at 19 months, she’s happy, healthy and playful.

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What’s the problem?

Millions of children die each year from preventable causes. It’s a lottery of dirty water, infections they weren’t immunised against, malnutrition and illnesses that could be easily treated with the right health care. But we know it can be different. Together, we can protect children’s health and wellbeing, so they can grow-up in safety.

How do we help?

Lasting transformation: rejuvenating children, families and communities

In 2016 and 2017, 18.2 million children were helped by our health and nutrition programmes. (2016 & 2017 Child wellbeing report, World Vision)

With better health, so much changes:

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