World Vision partners, Wahana Visi Indonesia arrive in Aceh today to assess earthquake damage

102 casualties have been reported form the 6.5 magnitude earthquake that hit Pide Jaya, Banda Aceh at 05.03 am yesterday. A tsunami hit the province in 2004, however this is the first time a large earthquake has hit this part of Aceh. “Getting help to those in need will be challenging since the area is remote,” said World Vision Indonesia Director, Margarettha Siregar .

World Vision plans to build child friendly spaces for children badly affected by the recent earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia

"A team of skilled emergency response staff are due to arrive in the affected area at 4pm today. At the moment, we are concerned for the well being of children and their communities. In an event like this, the needs are typically medical assistance, water, shelter and access to food. We will have more information soon," says Ms. Siregar, who also worked on the 2004 earthquake and tsunami response in Aceh.

The emergency response will be conducted for 30 days with the main focus being to train local partners in Infant and Young Child Feeding and also creating Child Friendly Spaces (CFS). The recovery phase will then be held for 60 to 90 days focusing on Education, Building Back Better, Safer Schools and Child Protection.

“We plan to build child friendly spaces in the first phase to provide a comfortable space for children. We will also focus on psycho-social support for children that have been frightened by the earthquake,” says Doseba Tua Sinay, CEO & National Director of Wahana Visi Indonesia.

World Vision International has appealed for funding of an estimated USD 200,000 for this emergency response and will also look for grants from other sources.

Casualties have risen to 102 and one person is missing, according to the Indonesia National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB). The earthquake affected Pidie Jaya and Bireuen regency. Some 429 houses, 234 shops building, 18 mosques, 4 schools and 1 hospital were destroyed by the earthquake.

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