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Stage and audience at Wildfires Festival

Our partners: Wildfires

Join World Vision at Wildfires 2023

World Vision at Wildfires

We're looking forward to being with you at Wildfires this summer, bringing Chosen to the big top, but you can beat the crowds and be Chosen today!

For the first time, World Vision’s Chosen puts the power to choose into the hands of the child. Chosen Sponsorship gives children the power to take hold of their future, to create change in their own lives, and to transform their community.

Bringing Chosen to your church

After Wildfires, why not bring Chosen to your church and congregation. We'll provide everything you need, so you can invite your church family to become Chosen themselves.

Then, at a special event, children in one of our communities will be able to choose your congregation members as their sponsors – uniting your church community and theirs. And our team will support you every step of the way.


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