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Our partners: New Wine United

Join World Vision at New Wine United 2021

World Vision at New Wine United

Join us this summer, 29 July – 3 August at New Wine United.

Together with our friend, author and speaker Danielle Strickland, join the Right Side Up - Soul Care seminar, and hear all about the free beatitude-based Right Side Up series of podcasts and videos.

Right Side Up Seminar

Join Danielle Strickland at the New Wine United seminar session Right Side Up - Soul Care, where she'll chat with World Vision's Lilian Dodzo, who shares her experience of living a Jesus-centred life through incredibly difficult seasons. 


What's next?

We hope you enjoy New Wine United 2021, and if the Right Side Up seminar, podcasts and videos inspire you, why not find out more about the Matthew 25 Challenge, discipleship experience for you and your church. 

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