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A youth group and congregation members listen to their pastor preach in Malawi

Supporting your church

Discover resources, activities, prayer, global news and events for your church

For your church and congregation

If you're a UK church leader, Christian youth leader or an active and enthusiastic church member, this hub is for you.

Here you’ll find lots that will help your church deepen and live out your faith in ways that will change lives locally and globally too.

You’ll find resources to help you pray collectively, along with the latest news, so you'll know how to respond when global emergencies strike. There’s also theological resources for church leaders, all-age activities for your congregation, and details of Christian and church events, conferences and festivals - where you can pop along and meet us.

Want to prioritise what's on God's heart?

With World Vision resources, activities and events your church and congregation will be inspired with God's heart for social justice - as together we reach and serve the world's most vulnerable children.

Would you like to know more? Want to email or talk to someone about how your church can support and be supported by World Vision?

Call 01908 84 10 10 or send us a message.

What church leaders say about World Vision

Our work, inspired by our Christian faith, has brought better futures for 200 million vulnerable children and counting.

Meet our Church Team

World Vision church team - here to serve your church
Team L-R: Kat, John (Midlands & North), Bev, Simon, Michaela (Scot & NI), Matt (UK wide) & Crystal (South & BMC's)

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