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Two young boys walking in drought affected area - global hunger crisis

Partnering with 24-7 Prayer

Together, World Vision and 24-7 Prayer

World Vision at The Gathering 2023

World Vision is proud to be partnering globally with 24-7 Prayer.

Together, we believe in the transformative power of prayer, in challenging injustice and responding to the needs of others - especially the marginalised and children.

With an ENOUGH Sunday - find out how as believers we can pray, respond and ensure mission is kept at the heart of our churches and communities.

Respond now to grow prayer, mission and justice.

What is an ENOUGH Sunday?

Chat with our team to create an ENOUGH Sunday for your church.

Bringing your congregation together to Pray, Act & Give.

We're called to share the resources we have with those who have not, because until every child and community can fight hunger and beat poverty, it's not good enough.

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