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Why I sponsor a child with World Vision

Seeing an entire community transformed through the eyes of one child can be life-changing. Hear about the experience from some of our sponsors below.

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Child Sponsor, Harriet

"I have one sponsored child at the minute, Rimer, he's eleven. Being a mum I feel like I want to help someone else's child."

"It's really heart warming. It's so nice to just read about what he's doing and his family life. His school work and seeing the improvement in his writing is lovely."

Harriet, mum-of-two and sponsor for 11 years

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Child sponsor - Shemi

"I would say to someone who is thinking about sponsoring a child, go ahead and do it. It's the most life changing thing ever, it's absolutely brilliant."

Shemi, long-term sponsor


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Child sponsor, Amanda Redman

Amanda's daughter Emily was the same age as Diaw, when they first began sponsoring her. They grew up alongside each other, in different continents, and formed a wonderful friendship.

"Diaw would write letters, to Emily particularly, and tell her about what was going on in her daily life... so I think that has opened her eyes in a way that has formed her to the young woman that she is now."

Amanda Redman, child sponsor since 1997

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Celebrity ambassador Amanda Redman


How Child Sponsorship works


How does Child Sponsorship work? Here's what it involves for you, and how sponsoring one child changes the lives of many.

Child Sponsorship FAQs


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Sponsor Riya

Gender: girl | My age: 2
My home: Sarlahi, Nepal

My birthday is on the 28th September. My favourite game is playing with toys. In Sarlahi life is hard for children like me. But sponsor me today and you can help change my life.