Mother and three children sit with buckets of food in the DRC

World Hunger Day

Together, we can end child hunger.

Children and young people are facing the worst hunger crisis in decades. It’s estimated that a child dies from malnutrition every 10 seconds. That’s more than 3 million children every year.

As a children’s charity, World Vision is raising awareness for this important day and highlighting the impacts of extreme hunger on children. Learn more about how we’re ending child hunger and how you can get involved.

What is World Hunger Day?

World Hunger Day is a global day focusing on the state of hunger around the world.

The day raises awareness for the millions of people experiencing hunger across the globe, and it's an opportunity to learn how you can play your part in achieving zero hunger.

World Hunger Day has been celebrating sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty since 2011. From social media campaigns using #WorldHungerDay2024 to fundraising to end world hunger, people are getting involved to stop hunger and poverty in its tracks.

Did you know? Children in conflict zones are ‘more than twice as likely to suffer from malnutrition’ than those living elsewhere.

Girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo case of palm oil
Ornella, 14, is receiving food assistance from World Vision in an internally displaced camp in the DRC

When is World Hunger Day 2024?

World Hunger Day is on Tuesday 28 May 2024.

This day is more important than ever, with 783 million people in the world facing hunger. Child hunger levels are the worst they’ve been in generations because of conflict, climate change and food prices spiralling beyond reach.

Children and their families need your support to say ENOUGH to the hunger crisis. We believe there is enough in this world for every child, no matter where they live, or the crises they face, to have the nourishing food they need to thrive.


Quick facts about child hunger today

Around the world, children are bearing the brunt of the biggest global hunger crisis in decades. Despite global efforts, world hunger remains a challenge for millions of families. Children are suffering from malnutrition and missing out on education and future opportunities.

Four-year-old internally displaced girl from the DRC holding food and smiling
We're providing food assistance to internally displaced children like Jacquie, four-years-old, from the DRC

What is this year’s World Hunger Day theme?

The theme for World Hunger Day 2024 is “Thriving Mothers. Thriving World”. The Hunger Project set this year’s theme to raise awareness of the cycle of malnutrition.

It is essential for women to have access to nutritious diets during pregnancy and breastfeeding. But in many countries, women aren’t receiving enough of the right foods to be healthy themselves and give their babies the best chance to survive, grow and develop.

Every year, a theme is decided for World Hunger Day to help focus the efforts of the day and campaigns. In 2023, the theme was “Sustainability”. The theme was chosen to focus on the creation of sustainable food systems so that everyone can access enough nutritious food, both now and in the future.

Cambodian girl wearing school uniform and holding a tray of food
Molika, 12, is one of thousands of students receiving daily breakfast meals and nutrition education in Cambodia

How is World Vision ending world hunger?

As a Christian charity, we help hungry children and young people access nutritious foods so they can experience fullness of life.

For over 70 years, we have been increasing our work year-on-year to break the cycle of hunger and malnutrition. It wouldn't be possible without generous supporters like you, helping us to reach more hungry children in the hardest places.


Reaching children like Tamer*

Tamer*, 14 months old, is one of many children caught up in Syria’s conflict. He lives in a displacement camp with his family, where he was diagnosed with severe malnutrition.  

Tamer's path to malnutrition was sealed before he was born.  His mother and family were caught up in a siege in western Syria. During that time, food was scarce, and all the family could access to eat was tinned food – but even that ran out.  

Once the siege was lifted, Tamer’s family moved to a displacement camp. Tamer was born a year later. 

*Name changed to protect identity.

Young boy being held by his mother in Syria
Tamer is one of the 49,400 children who received malnutrition screening

World Vision is supporting malnourished children

As a baby, Tamer wasn’t gaining weight, and he didn’t have a healthy appetite. His mother worried about him, but there was little access to medical help - until a team of medical professionals partnering with World Vision started looking for malnourished children in their camp. This is when they came across Tamer.

The team worked with Tamer’s mother to develop a nutritious diet and routine visits to check up on his progress.

After three and a half months, Tamer’s measurements changed from red to green, indicating that he is adequately nourished.

Read more about Tamer's recovery from malnutrition.

Together, we can say enough to hunger

Thanks to your generous donations, we’ve worked in some of the hardest places to provide access to essentials such as nutritious food supplies, healthcare, cash assistance, child protection and training in sustainable farming.

We believe there is enough food in this world for every child, no matter where they live, or the crises they face. That's why we're working to say ENOUGH to the worst hunger crisis in 50 years. Join the community of supporters who are taking a stand and ending child hunger. 

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