Every day, nine-year-old Blue carries his four-year-old brother Sunday to school, so that he can get his one meal of the day. ​  ​


Let's end child hunger.

No child should die from starvation. No child’s future should be threatened by malnutrition. But right now, conflict and climate change means that millions of children are facing the worst hunger crisis in 50 years.

Around every 10 seconds, a child dies from malnutrition. That’s more than 3 million children every year.

But we have ENOUGH food for everyone.

We believe there is ENOUGH in this world for every child, no matter where they live, or the crises they face, to have the nourishing food they need to thrive and for families to be more resilient.

Help a child and their community have ENOUGH.

Around every 10 seconds, a child dies from malnutrition. Even one is too many.

We can’t wait until more children die, to act.

You can help stop child malnutrition in its tracks. You can help end child hunger now.

Last year, hunger devastated families

The number of children dying from hunger has declined every decade since the 80s. But now it’s back on the rise with spiralling food costs.

Children are bearing the brunt of an unequal food system disrupted by conflicts and climate change. Unable to provide for their children, parents face impossible choices - marrying a child off, or pulling them out of school for dangerous work, just to feed their family. 

How can we end child hunger?

We're working to break the hunger cycle for good by providing access to:

Blue's story

Every day, nine-year-old Blue carries his four-year-old brother Sunday to school, so that he can get his one meal of the day. Together, we can reach more children with life-saving food.

Why support World Vision?

For over 70 years, we have been increasing our work year-on-year to break the cycle of hunger and malnutrition that blights children’s lives.

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