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Young girls smiles at camera whilst holding a plate of food

$2 a day challenge

Fundraise to make sure no child goes hungry

Can you live on $2 a day?

For some people that's not a question it's their reality.

Global poverty is one of the most urgent issues facing our world today. 

Having to navigate all of life's expenses with just $2.15 is the harsh reality for 7.19 million people across the world.

Unfortunately, children and young people make up two thirds of this group.

The heart behind the $2 A Day challenge is to raise funds so we can support those living in extreme poverty.

How to take part

Extreme poverty in Bangladesh

Due to poverty, many children drop out of school and become involved in child labour.

Sajal is 14 and lives in a remote village with his father and mother. But because of extreme poverty, Sajal's family could not afford his school fees and he had to drop out in 2021.

Sajal had to get a job at a motorcycle repair shop to support his family.

"The work I do at the workshop is very painful. I often get cuts and bruises on my hands and I have to lift very heavy machinery," says Sajal.

"I don't want to work here but I will starve if I don't work. The kids I used to go to school with now bully me sometimes. They tell me that I don’t belong with them anymore now that I have to work while they get to go to school,” he adds.

Where once he dreamed of becoming a doctor, now Sajal must face dangerous work in a hazardous environment

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