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Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle celebrates water pump installations in Rwanda with the community

World Vision’s celebrity charity ambassadors

Find out how they’ve helped change lives

Over the last few decades we've enjoyed the support of actors, musicians and beyond.

They've helped us to bring global attention to vulnerable children across the world.

Here's just a few highlights.

Meghan Markle

In 2016, the Duchess of Sussex became a Global Ambassador for World Vision.

She travelled to Rwanda and witnessed lives transformed through World Vision's work. She celebrated with a community as water pumps were turned on bringing them clean water for the first time. She saw toilets brought to schools so that hundreds more children could be educated.

Inspired to continue working with World Vision, Meghan Markle joined us in India in 2017 to see World Vision’s progress in getting more girls into school, and how we raised awareness to tackle stigma around periods and a lack of access to toilets.

Jerome Flynn

Jerome Flynn smiles with a child as they look at a workbook together in Myanmar, Burma

Now one of our high profile supporters, Jerome Flynn has been sponsoring children with World Vision for almost twenty years, well before his time on the award winning Game of Thrones series.

More recently, he’s been supporting our work with child soldiers.

In 2017, Jerome spent time in Myanmar with World Vision, meeting young children who had been forced into armed groups and visiting projects helping street kids and victims of human trafficking.

In March 2019, Jerome spent time with families in South Sudan, including an entire family who had been abducted by armed forces.

These young children were threatened and even forced to kill others. Jerome said, “They’re just children … all they should be getting is love, and that’s the opposite.”

All children deserve to live free from violence.

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Eyal Booker

Love Island star and model Eyal Booker is a passionate supporter of World Vision’s work, visiting the Philippines in 2018 in the wake of Typhoon Mangkhut.

World Vision provided relief essentials to thousands of families including hygiene kits, kitchen sets and emergency shelter kits in the Philippines. Eyal was inspired by our emergency response that created child-friendly spaces and helped hundreds of children and young people with psychological and psychosocial support.

Eyal Booker
World Vison have helped countless kids and their communities, both through child sponsorship and their emergency work.

Eyal Booker

Model and TV Personality

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