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Brett Staniland talks with cameraman

Brett Staniland

The sustainable fashion advocate and World Vision shine a light on fast fashion

Making a difference

Model, activist and sustainability fashion advocate Brett Staniland, has joined World Vision UK to raise awareness of the impacts of fast fashion on the environment and importantly, on children. Along with other creators, Brett recently visited Ghana, shining a light on some practices in the fast fashion and beauty worlds which are having a detrimental effect.

As the first Love Island contestant to decline wearing fast fashion on the show, to campaigns educating his followers on more sustainable practices within the fashion industry, Brett has never been one to shy away from taking a bold stance to make a big difference.

And today, you can make a big difference as well. By giving a donation, you can help to ensure children are protected from the impacts of climate change now and for generations to come.


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Brett and fellow creators smile at camera in front of World Vision background
Brett and fellow creators visit World Vision Ghana
Young student looks and smiles at camera
Brett in Ghana
Brett and group of creators speak to locals under a canopy
Brett speaks to local authorities

Why World Vision

The negative impacts of climate change are forcing vulnerable families to adapt. With increased flooding, droughts and economic hardship, when emergencies hit, children are often the most at risk. World Vision partners with communities to ensure they can overcome disasters and become more resilient to climate induced shocks. Currently, we are invested in 1,100 projects across 47 countries combating the impacts of climate change on children and their families. Will you join us to support more people?

Fast fashion, slow decay

A classroom full of students wave at the camera with smiles on their faces

Kantamanto market, a hotspot of culture and bustling activity in Ghana’s capital of Accra has become the postcard image for the effects of fast fashion. Second-hand items of clothing are carried by thousands of women who earn little more than 80p a day. These throw away fashion clothes are dumped in landfills and left to rot.

With young mothers having no choice but to work 12+ hours a day, children are left to raise themselves; navigating a challenging path of adversity and limited opportunities. The financial pressure forces mothers to make sacrifices, often leaving their children without proper parental guidance and care during crucial formative years.

Brett wants to make a difference - join him today.

By acknowledging the impact of fast fashion on our climate, Brett looks to not only protect our planet for future generations but to improve it for those growing up in the harsh reality of the negative impact of the industry's actions.

With over 70 years of experience working to bring hope to children around the world, by tackling some of the biggest global challenges, World Vision is well placed to ensure that children experience fullness of life.

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