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Jerome Flynn sits with young boy in Myanmar, the child is working in a workbook with a pen as Jerome smiles

Jerome Flynn

The Game of Thrones star has seen lives transformed through World Vision's work.

Jerome Flynn's support

Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn in Game of Thrones, got involved with World Vision when he sponsored a child more than a decade ago.

By sponsoring a child you can support a vulnerable child in one of the most dangerous parts of the world and watch as their life is transformed. 

Jerome has recently witnessed the horrors of the civil war in South Sudan and supported our work with child soldiers. 

Jerome's life was transformed by child sponsorship.

Find out if yours could be too.

Jerome in South Sudan

World Vision has been working in South Sudan since 1989, serving more than a million people.

We were one of the few organisations that provided help during the war to displaced people.

We still work on projects providing clean water, healthy food, child-friendly spaces and income for families.

Jerome met children caught up in the war, who had been kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers.

Jerome Flynn in Myanmar

In 2017, Jerome also spent time in Myanmar with World Vision.

He saw how children were recruited to armed groups, visited projects helping street kids and victims of human trafficking.

Jerome Flynn
Children told me about unimaginable horrors they had seen and experienced...yet I also saw hope in a country ripped apart by war.

Jerome Flynn

Actor and World Vision Supporter

Meeting child soldiers

Before starring in Game of Thrones, Jerome rose to fame in ITV’s Soldier Soldier in the 1990s and appeared in the popular BBC TV series Ripper Street.

He was far from those hard personas while in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, conflicts continue between the government and multiple ethnic factions in northern states and children face violence and poverty.

Jerome was incredibly moved by the heartbreaking stories he heard.

He met Hein*, a gentle young man, who was forcibly recruited into the Myanmar army at 16.

Jerome Flynn sits smiling on a rug on the floor surrounded by children, as a young boy touches his face in Myanmar
Jerome Flynn visits Myanmar in February 2017
Jerome Flynn stands blowing bubbles surrounded by young children in Myanmar
Jerome Flynn visits Myanmar in February 2017
Jerome Flynn sits in a room in Myanmar, talking to a former child soldier, we can only see the back of his head.
Jerome Flynn visits Myanmar in February 2017

Hein told Jerome that he was forced to “kill or be killed.”

He told Jerome he shot up to 100 of his so-called enemies often killing or injuring children of his own age.

World Vision helps former child soldiers to fit back into civilian life.

But there are still rebel groups who look to fill the ranks with children.

That's why, together, we must fight for the children of Myanmar.

Like Jerome, you can help vulnerable children.

Chip in.

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