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Mother and child walking between trees with autumnal orange leaves

Free October half term activities for kids

Discover five ways to keep your little ones occupied this Autumn break.

1. Go for a walk

One of the simplest and best ideas for half term is spending time in nature and going for a walk. Getting outside for an autumnal walk will help your children use up some of their energy, and getting physical is great for children's mental health. We are very lucky that we have plenty of incredible outdoor spaces perfect for family fun in the UK, from national trust properties to national parks.

If you feel your little ones might be resistant to a walk, why not incorporate some games into the walk?

Games you can play while walking

  • Hide and seek – one player closes their eyes and counts to 30 seconds while the other players hide. Then, the seeker opens their eyes and tries to find everyone.
  • Scavenger hunt – make a list of things for your children to spot on the walk, such as a local attraction you'll walk past or a specific animal. You can make this even more fun by introducing prizes.
  • Build a tepee in the woods – find a big tree and start piling logs and sticks into a triangle tent until you have made a shelter. Remember to leave a space for the door so you can sit in your tepee.
  • Have a picnic - why not turn the walk into lunch and bring a picnic? You can walk to a nice lunch spot, enjoy your meal, and then walk back.

Why not fundraise while you walk?

If you want to add another purpose to your walk, join World Vision’s Global 6k Walk for Water.

Did you know? 6k is the average distance that children, often girls, walk every single day to fetch water for their community.

That’s why we’re asking you to walk six kilometres, so they don’t have to. Or your kids can bike, scooter and skateboard. Whichever way works for you, fundraising means you are helping World Vision provide communities with clean water. This approach tackles the root causes of poverty and enables children to experience the fullness of life.

This can turn your family day into a positive and charitable event, helping your children feel as though they've achieved something remarkable during their break.

Mum and son walking an orange balloon arch to celebrate completing the Global 6K walk
Mother and son celebrate taking part in the Global 6K Walk for Water

2. Alternative Halloween-themed activities

October half term often marks the run up to Halloween but as a Christian charity, we've created an alternative activity pack to help you organise a community event at church or a party with some friends and family members.

Pumpkin Heroes, our Christian alternative, is perfect for children aged 4-10. This free activity pack contains a storybook and film, games and crafts, and an activity sheet. You can help them enjoy the season by bringing a message of hope and light to children this Halloween.

Storybook cover of Patch the Pumpkin, Goes Green
World Vision's free alternative Halloween storybook Patch the Pumpkin, Goes Green

3. Build an indoor den

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and you want to have a cosy day indoors. Why not build a den and have a family film day? In October half term, things to do with the family can be kept simple. With a few blankets and cushions, you'll be ble to turn your living room into a brilliant den!

Building the den is a fun activity in itself. Your children will love finding the best spot and materials to make your little hideout. Simply use larger items like tables, chairs and boxes to make the structure, and then cover it in blankets, sheets and duvets. Once that's done, you'll need to make your den comfortable with plenty of pillows, cushions and cuddly toys.

There are plenty of ways to utilise your den. You could watch a film together; just being so snuggled up together will make the experience unique. Or, why not have a picnic, sit in your den and read together or even have a sleepover?

4. Storybook activities and crafts

Reading and colouring is another amazing activity for when your children are spending more time indoors this Autumn. As we know, there can often be a lot of rain in October and activities including colouring, reading and crafts are great ways to combat the boredom of staying indoors.

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Young girl from DRC sat on the grass, looking up at the camera while holding a book. She is amongst two other children
Children in the DRC enjoy attending a reading club

5. Get baking

As the days get colder, now is the perfect time to get baking with your children. It’s time to let your kids get messy with a family-friendly recipe...

Looking for something quick and easy that all the family will love? Try making the Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes! Your little ones will love munching on this irresistible snack.

Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes

This recipe makes about 12 Rice Krispie Cakes and will take 12-20 minutes. A hob or microwave will be needed and adult supervision.

What you’ll need

  • 60g/ 2 oz unsalted butter.
  • 3 tablespoons golden syrup.
  • 1 x 100g bar milk or dark chocolate.
  • 90g/ 3 oz Rice Krispies.
  • 12 paper cupcake cases.
  • Decorations (sprinkles, mini marshmallows, M&Ms, mini eggs etc).

How to make them

1. Melt the chocolate in small bursts in the microwave or over the hob (in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water).

2. Add the butter, cut into small pieces, stir until melted.

3. Add the syrup, stir.

4. Add the Rice Krispies and stir into the chocolate mix; gently spoon in to 12 cupcake cases.

5. Add some decorations on top.

6. Leave to cool.

7. EAT!!!

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