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Past Impact Reports

How we've transformed children's lives

Previous World Vision UK annual impact summaries

Past Impact Reports

The value of our work is truly measured by its impact on children's lives. So every year, alongside our financial Annual Report, we publish an assessment of our projects' effectiveness over the last 12 months; our Impact Report.

Our Impact Report looks at both:

• breadth of impact - particularly the number of children we have reached with our programming and
• depth of impact - looking at the nature of change in children's lives.

World Vision's past impact reports outline our achievements in previous years. We seek to be transparent about our successes and our failures through sharing specific case studies.

See below for previous impact reports

2020 Impact Case Studies

Reaching children in a global pandemic: A look at the big picture headlines of COVID-19 and how our programmes responded in 2020

From barriers to breakthrough: Including people with disabilities in India with evidence from our child sponsorship programmes

Responding to climate change: A look at two of our programmes in Kenya

Listening to the most vulnerable children: Year three of research using evidence from our programmes in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone

Sustainable transformation in Armenia: Looking back at 15 years in Alaverdi and Sisian Area Programmes

2019 Impact Case Studies

Transitioning into Life: Overcoming barriers to girls' education in Zimbabwe

Scaling up nutrition: Improving the nutrition of women and children under 5 years of age in Zambia

Hearing from communities: making education accessible to girls in South-East DRC

Child-led research: Listening to children on who they feel are the most vulnerable and whether the most vulnerable children are included in development programmes.

Responding to climate change: Improving resilience of vulnerable people through the improved generation and use of weather and climate information services.