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Zambia girl thrilled with gift of goat

Unique Christmas gifts for all the family

Perfect presents for all your family and friends, even those who have everything

With the cost-of-living crisis, increasing prices everywhere and a concern for the environment, it can seem like a difficult balancing act buying gifts this year. What budget gifts can you buy that are good for the environment - and your family and friends? 

Choose from our Christmas charity gifts and for as little as £5 you could be transforming the lives of families who live in the world’s hardest places – and be environmentally friendly too.

“Receiving goats was life-changing” 

Goats, chickens – and other Must Have Gifts – really can change lives. 

Vivienne, from Zambia, is so grateful for the goats she received from World Vision. “My children would… lie down under a tree and not say anything. I knew it was hunger but I couldn’t afford to give them any food.”

That’s all changed now. They use the money (and the manure!) from the goats to farm more effectively. They save money, and daughter eight-year-old Chileleko is thriving at school. 


Zambia mother and daughter gardening
Vivienne and Chileleko enjoying working on their garden crops

"Since the time we received goats from World Vision, worry about almost everything is now a thing of the past - because through the goats we have money, we have food, we have more livestock and we have proper access to education. Receiving goats was a life-changing experience for me,” Vivienne adds. 

Zambian family smiling
Chileleko's family delighted with their new-found food security thanks to gift of goats

In fact, today they own over 70 goats, 43 chickens, and 15 cows! Vivienne continues, “The goats have not only been a source of income to us, but they have also brought us joy and removed poverty from our lives.” Along with selling goats they have also freely passed on goats to another family in need.   

The gift that keeps on giving 

Must Have Gifts keep on giving. By buying a present from our range of Christmas charity gifts you could be transforming so many children’s lives.

And let’s not forget the other advantages:  

  • no gift wrapping  
  • more spare time 
  • no worries about online deliveries being delayed 
  • and, of course, unique presents for family and friends!  

Bring life and joy this Christmas and make every penny count by shopping online for Must Have Gifts.


Zambia girl with goat
Help another family's - like Chileleko's - this Christmas

Get your Christmas gifts sorted

Whoever you’re buying for, our Must Have Gifts are the perfect option, with gifts starting from £5. For Uncle Jed, the keen gardener, you could select a tree nursery, for the late teen boys (always so tricky) how about buying a football?  

Using our online catalogue you can get all your Christmas gifts sorted easily and quickly right now.  

And for every gift you buy today you’ll be reaching at least two people. Your loved one, and a child, family or even a whole community overseas. 

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