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Group scene of people visiting community in Nepal

You can make a difference with payroll giving

Even at work you can help the world’s most vulnerable children.

It’s never been easier to transform children’s lives – you can donate directly through Payroll Giving, which means you can give even more for less!

Why not encourage your employer to start Payroll Giving? It also brings benefits to the company such as employee engagement and an opportunity to foster a positive team culture.

In fact, a partner of World Vision - Lightsource Foundation - was recently awarded the prestigious Platinum Award from the Charities Trust, in recognition of fostering a culture of philanthropy and commitment to giving in the workplace by promoting Payroll Giving to the very highest standard. An amazing 20% of their UK employees donate this way.

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“Beyond our wildest dreams”

Lightsource began their partnership with World Vision in 2014, creating the Lightsource Foundation in order to raise £100,000 each year for communities in desperate need. They have recently gone beyond their hopes and have raised £1 million to date!

The focus of the Foundation initially was the communities in Koas Krala, Cambodia, while they have now begun to support the people of Sarlahi, one of the poorest provinces of Nepal. Thanks to their staff donations, which are matched by the company Lightsource bp, World Vision has been able to address crucial challenges like child protection, education, health and nutrition.

Staff have also been able to visit Nepal to see first-hand the impact their fundraising and donations have made - inspiring them to do even more.

Nick Boyle, Group CEO, initiated the Lightsource Foundation and the corporate partnership with World Vision UK, which was a new concept at the time for both parties and the wider industry.

He says, “To reach £1 million is beyond our wildest dreams. The difference the money has made, is currently making, and will make in the future cannot be stressed enough. The impact of the fundraising on the communities we support is life-changing in every sense of the word — and it’s all down to our people. Our team members have continued to support the Foundation time and time again. As a team of over 1,200, the scale of the money raised is a true testament to the generosity of our people.

Employee Peter Bennett said, “Choosing to support the Lightsource Foundation through Payroll Giving was easy, and setting it up was even easier. For me, it’s not just about the personal satisfaction of sponsoring a child and making a difference, but also the joy of achieving something greater — as one team.”


World Vision UK and Lightsource Foundation and Nepal community in Sarlahi posing for camera
World Vision UK and Lightsource Foundation community visit to Sarlahi, Nepal

Nick added, “Through our enduring and impactful partnership with World Vision UK, at Lightsource bp we continue to witness with gratitude how our funds are making a significant difference where they’re needed most. Year after year, we are humbled by the positive transformation our partnership delivers to the most vulnerable communities worldwide.”

Staff also hold fundraising events like a global auction – raising nearly £10,000 in under three hours – a stair-climb challenge reaching the height of Mount Everest, a 6K Walk for Water, virtual pub quiz, and a cake sale. Some staff also sponsor children.

Helen D’Oyley, Director of Strategic Partnerships at World Vision UK, said, “Lightsource bp staff have been absolutely amazing and the money raised has really made a lasting impact on children and communities. The great thing about them working together as a group of colleagues means that every small donation acts together to make a massive difference.”

Whether you work for a large company or a small one, why not see how your employer can help you give to make the most difference?

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