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World Vision staff distributes dignity kits for Rohingya women and adolescent girls.

How to donate reusable sanitary pads to charity

Period poverty is a reality. Find out how to donate sanitary pads to charity.

What is period poverty?

Period poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products because of financial struggles. Being unable to properly manage menstruation has a negative impact on a girl or woman's - it means girls' education, well-being and health are affected.

No girl should ever have to worry about period poverty, but with 1 in 10 girls not being able to afford sanitary products, it is a worldwide injustice. For many, periods may only seem like a small and inconvenient part of the month, but for those who can’t afford sanitary products, it is a constant cause for concern and worry. However, there are things to be done to help those who are going without period products.

As a Christian charity, we believe that all people should be allowed to experience fullness of life. Read on to find how you can help children across the world, in a small but meaningful way.

World Vision helps those in period poverty

Tania, 18, wants to become a doctor, and she is grateful for the toilet constructed in her school that has helped her attend classes even while she is on her period. Ever since the toilet was constructed, Tania hasn't missed a class, and now she is top of her class.

Period poverty is no longer an issue in Tania’s village. Until a few years ago, it was extremely uncomfortable for Tania and other girls in her village during their periods every month. They would use old cloth or rags over and over again, causing infections.

Thanks to World Vision India’s training on Menstrual Hygiene, all the girls in Tania's village now follow hygienic menstrual practices. The girls have even been helping each other purchase pads from their Girl Power Group savings.

18-year-old Indian girl holding a large patterned cloth
Tania is delighted that she can go to school even when she is on her period

If you would like to donate to help girls receive sanitary products, please see our Must Have Gifts page and find a few more details about how your donation will help below:

For just £6 you can help make a difference. When any young girl starts her period, she can feel anxious or even afraid. In many places, these feelings are magnified when a girl can't even get any sanitary products. Charity gifts of sanitary pads, underwear, water, and soap are a simple way to make a huge difference. Without sanitary products, girls may miss school during their periods and end up falling behind. Alternative charity gifts like this girl's sanitary kit could change the course of a girl's education.

A girl's sanitary kit includes:

  • Bucket with lid
  • Cloth sanitary towels (washable and reusable)
  • Underwear
  • Soap

This amazing gift is so simple and practical but could restore a girl's dignity and help improve education for girls. World Vision isn't just providing dignity kits.

Make your own sanitary pads

Reusable sanitary pads have become more popular in recent years and the popularity has taken a rise since companies have introduced people to the process of making and sewing reusable sanitary pads for those in period poverty. For those who have basic sewing skills or those who want to learn how to sew a basic sanitary towel, this is a wonderful way to donate a meaningful and effective product to those who need them most.

These sorts of products can be made in the comfort of your own home and donated to charities and really make an impact on those that struggle every month. Patterns and cut out templates can easily be sourced online or check out our guide to making reusable sanitary pads on our website.

If you’re passionate about making sure every girl leads an equal life where worry and embarrassment is no longer a concern, then getting involved with some of these charitable organisations and donating or making reusable sanitary pads is a wonderful way to do so. Not only are you supporting people in the UK, but you are also supporting people across the world in many countries and communities that we support here at World Vision. If you have found this article interesting and want to help World Vision in other ways then donate or think about sponsoring an orphan today.