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A teenage girl smiling, washing her hands in clean water under an outdoor tap.
Essentials - August 2021

Providing children with life-saving water

See how Reina’s dream became a reality

Together, we’re giving children hope for a brighter future

It’s hard to imagine the dangerous journey that Reina, 13, once endured in search of water for her family. She, and her older sister Selene, made this journey from their home in Honduras, up to ten times a day.

We had to load the water in buckets so that we could have water to drink, wash clothes, prepare food and bathe,” Reina recalled.

The road to the well was a challenge for the sisters. Sometimes it was muddy and slippy, at other times the weather conditions made the road impassable.

The path to the well was slippery, the water fell on us. There were times when men waited for us at the well, thank God nothing ever happened to us.


Age 13, from Honduras

But these weren’t the only dangers the sisters were exposed to. The water they collected was dirty and contaminated, and on numerous occasions, they fell sick.

"The doctors told us not to drink the dirty water anymore, but we told them we had no choice," explained Reina.

Reina and her sister spent five years making the same difficult journey. It was a hard time for the family, often washing their clothes in a community far from their home. Sometimes they went thirsty to avoid falling sick from the contaminated water.

During her daily walks, Reina dreamed of and prayed for clean water in her house to drink and use for washing. Over the many years, she never lost hope.

Thanks to supporters like you, a water project was set up in Reina’s community bringing fresh, clean water to families’ homes. 

God heard our prayers, today we have water. We’re happy we no longer drink dirty water. Now we spend the time we spent collecting water as a family.


Age 13, from Honduras

Now, Reina and her sister no longer have to walk the dangerous journey to the well, and her dream has finally become a reality.

Together, we’ll continue to provide the most vulnerable children with the essentials they desperately need, giving them a healthier and happier future.

World Vision is reaching one new person with clean water every 10 seconds

Global 6K Walk for Water

Take part in the walk that brings clean water.

Walk or run 6km during World Water Week (23-29 August) to bring clean water to vulnerable children.

Bring life-changing clean water to communities like Reina's by taking part in the Global 6K Walk for Water. Have fun and get together with your friends. People in vulnerable communities (often women and girls) walk an average of six kilometres to collect water every single day. Every step you take is one a child won't have to.

To take part, simply donate or set up your team to walk or race together with friends and family.

A family of four, two adults and two children, taking part in the Global 6K event, running past the lake.
A family having fun together, taking part in the Global 6K Walk for Water.

Help vulnerable children

Take part in the Global 6K Walk for Water

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