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Nurankis, happily receives soap for her family.
6 April 2020

Nurankis' story

Stopping the spread of coronavirus in refugee camps

Coronavirus is putting vulnerable children at great risk. Sadly, these children and their families are already in tough situations and this crisis is adding to their fear.

Nurankis, 11, lives in a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. In 2017, Nurankis and her family, along with millions of refugees, fled their homes to escape the violence between ethnic groups in Myanmar. But now, they’re fearful of the even greater risk that’s sweeping the globe; coronavirus.

Children can now stay clean and safe.
Nurankis and other children are learning how to wash their hands properly with soap and water.
People can die if infected. I must put on sandals to use the toilet, then wash my hands with soap & avoid going outside unnecessarily.


Age 11, from Bangladesh

Thanks to you, over 88,000 refugees have received soap and hand washing stations have been set up in refugee camps. Nurankis and other children are learning how to wash their hands properly with soap and water.

This is a scary time for people across the world, but especially for vulnerable children like Nurankis. Together, we can continue to raise awareness and prevent the spread of coronavirus.


Together, we're responding to coronavirus across the world

World Vision is active on the ground in nearly 100 countries and we are scaling up prevention and relief interventions in every country we work in. Our response will focus initially on 17 countries, including some of the world’s most fragile contexts.

We aim to reach 22.5 million people. Over half of them are children.

The focus of this global response will be through three key areas:

How you're stopping the spread in refugee camps

Help vulnerable children

You can protect children living in some of the most dangerous places