Christmas Appeal

We are doing our best to help vulnerable children, this year.

We already work in some of the worlds most dangerous and difficult places but we urgently need your support.

Christmas Appeal

"We were so frightened when we were walking. We were warned about mine fields. We lost our way in some places. My husband walked 10 to 20 metres ahead to protect the children in case he stepped on a landmine." Hada, Sharqat (near Mosul)

After fleeing the nightmare of war, drought or natural disasters, families find that their struggle is still not over. With little hope of an education, children suffer and parents despair. It makes an already difficult situation unbearable. But you can help them.

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Examples of how your money can help:

  • £10 could provide a blanket, a lifeline for many refugees in winter
  • £36 could provide an emergency baby kit, including essentials such as nappies, blankets, towels and rash cream
  • £78 could provide life-saving food to a family of refugees for a month
  • £1,080 could keep six families in a refugee camp warm for the whole winter by providing fuel canisters for heating and cooking

Your donation will help to fund our work with refugees and vulnerable children around the world. You could provide food, shelter or even help a child to start learning again in a safe place – planting seeds of hope that will blossom in years to come.

Brussels Conference: World Vision welcomes progress, but urges protection for Syrian children

Thursday 06, Apr, 2017

International children’s charity World Vision has today urged for concrete action to protect Syria’s children following a major international conference with world leaders in Brussels.

A $4 meal for a taste of home

Thursday 06, Apr, 2017

For Mayssa, a Syrian mother displaced by conflict, the $4 dollars she rations for each meal is enough to give her three children a little taste of home. What would you be able to make with $4?

Brussels Conference: World Vision warns children are fighting the war in Syria

Tuesday 04, Apr, 2017

International children’s charity World Vision has today warned that the recruitment of children into militia is rising in war-torn Syria.