Girl from Zambia carries a bucket of water

Water appeal

Children like Agnes are dying from dirty water. They urgently need your help.

Save children’s lives with the gift of clean water today

For girls like 11-year-old Agnes, in rural Zambia, collecting water is tedious, tiring and often dangerous work.

As a girl, the responsibility for fetching water always fell to Agnes. Every morning, before school, she had to wake up as early as 5am to find and haul water home.

Frequently late for lessons, constantly exhausted and often falling asleep in class. Agnes lived in fear that the water could make her and her family ill.

Children like Agnes desperately need clean water. With it, they’re healthier, safer and more likely to attend school.

Please give children like Agnes a brighter future by donating today.


Please donate today.

Your donation today could help displaced children get the food and support they urgently need to survive.


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Children like Agnes urgently need your help. Your gift today could:

You could save children’s lives with the gift of clean water today.

The water smelt bad because animals poo there. It was dangerous and scary, but we had no choice. I was always tired, dirty and late for school.

Save children's lives with the gift of clean water

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Clean water is the most basic human need for health and wellbeing. Together, we can make sure water flows to those who need it most.

This is more important now than ever.

Longer-lasting droughts and more frequent flash flooding threaten water supplies and spread disease. Children are thirsty, desperate and many are dying.

No child should die because they can’t get clean water.

Clean water starts a ripple effect that changes everything. Children are healthier, safer and more likely to attend school.

Please donate now to save lives.

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