Girl from Ethiopia pours water into a bucket

Water appeal

Children like Seada are dying from dirty water. They urgently need your help.

Thirsty, weak, desperate – children are dying from dirty water.

 For girls like 15-year-old Seada, in rural Ethiopia, collecting water is a tiring, scary, time-consuming struggle.

It could take Seada hours to find and haul the water home each day, which wasn't even safe to drink. She was often late for school and constantly exhausted in class.

Dirty, contaminated water kills. Children like Seada desperately need clean water. With it, they’re healthier, safer and more likely to attend school.

Please give children like Seada a brighter future by donating today.

How your money can help

Children like Seada urgently need your help. Your gift today could:

You could save lives and create brighter futures with clean water.

I had to get up early in the morning and travel about two hours back and forth to fetch water. There were times when I had to miss school.

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World Vision’s work results in water that continues to flow. We’re reaching someone new with clean water every 10 seconds.

This work is more important now than ever.

Without clean water, children can’t protect themselves from illnesses like diarrhoea, cholera and COVID-19.

With clean water, children are healthier, safer and more likely to attend school. Protected from illness and other dangers, they can reclaim their childhoods and build brighter futures.

Your gift today could start a ripple effect that changes everything for vulnerable children.

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