DEC Coronavirus Appeal

Your donation could save lives. 

Please help protect children and prevent the spread.

Your support has never been more important.


Children urgently need your help to protect them from coronavirus

The situation is desperate.

In refugee camps and in places of extreme poverty, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on children will be devastating. 

In overcrowded living conditions, and without soap and clean water, coronavirus will spread quickly. Already weak healthcare systems will become overwhelmed. COVID-19 is set to destroy communities that simply can’t cope with a pandemic of this scale. 

Children will be amongst the hardest hit.

Your gift today could provide essential items to families who desperately need them.

£15 - could provide up to three refugee families with enough soap for a month to keep themselves clean and safe

£25 - could provide an essential hygiene kit for a displaced family

£100 - could provide hygiene training sessions for 80 people in a refugee camp

Please help protect them from coronavirus. 

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I still recall the bombing in Syria and how scary it was, but you can hear the explosion and run away from it. This virus is unseen and unheard, it is like an invisible weapon.

- Fatima, mum to Rahaf, 10

How your donation helps

Whilst children are not currently considered the most vulnerable to the virus itself, they’re incredibly vulnerable to the secondary effects COVID-19 creates.

They’ll face the increased risk of malnutrition as their parents struggle to make enough money to feed them. They’ll also face the heightened risk of violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation.

With your help, we can keep children safe by:

•  Preventing the spread of coronavirus

Ensuring there is clean water and soap, as well as creating public handwashing stations. Also, distributing sanitiser and masks where appropriate.

•  Supporting healthcare

Supporting existing healthcare systems, and the healthcare workers in them. Also sharing “stay-healthy” messaging in the community, and in schools.

•  Protecting children from the effects of coronavirus

Protecting children whose lives are most severely impacted. Children who lose their parents or carers. Children whose families lose their livelihoods.

COVID-19 charity photo album - Iraq

Please donate now

Our heart is always for the world’s most vulnerable children and the communities where they live. Many will see their childhoods snatched away from them by this disease.

We must act now.




Together we can help protect the world’s most vulnerable children from coronavirus.