Your donation today will help us continue to keep the world’s most vulnerable children and their communities safe. 

Across the globe we are currently scaling up prevention measures in vulnerable communities.  

Now is the time to stand with the world’s most vulnerable children and their communities. 

£24 provides three families with two bars of anti-bacterial soap per family — enough to last one month. 

£56 provides two home caregivers each with two bars of soap, 28 masks, and a bottle of disinfectant (enough protective items to each care for one person with mild symptoms for two weeks).

£72 provides hygiene training on COVID-19 to three health workers (as part of a group training session). 

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We know that in many countries where we work, the risks of catching contagious illnesses are even greater – health systems are weak and many people won’t have doctors or health professionals to turn to if they fall sick.

While children are not currently considered the most vulnerable to this virus, they’re vulnerable to the secondary effects that it creates; there’s extra strain on health facilities and when their caregivers get sick, children are left without proper care and protection.

Together, we can continue to scale up prevention measures across the globe. 

  • We’re supporting local health centres and schools to prevent the spread of the virus. 
  • We’re sharing “stay-healthy” messaging with public handwashing stations. 
  • We’re distributing soap, sanitiser, and masks where appropriate.  

These preventative measures have always been an important part of our work, because in places of extreme poverty improving health, water, sanitation and hygiene saves lives. And given the challenges that communities are facing and will continue to face over the coming months, these things are more vital now than ever before.

Thank you for joining with us during this pandemic to improve children’s wellbeing.

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