DEC Coronavirus Appeal

Your donation could save lives. 

Please help protect children and limit the spread.

Your support has never been more important.


Children in the world’s poorest communities are still facing overwhelming challenges.   

As the UK continues to fight coronavirus, we mustn’t forget children living in the world’s most fragile places, where the pandemic is devastating families, livelihoods and futures.

The scale and impact of this continuing crisis is pushing fragile states towards catastrophe in 2021 – and children will be amongst the hardest hit.  Worsening inflation, higher prices, less trade and therefore fewer jobs are pushing families to breaking point. Many have no choice but to reduce the number of meals they and their children eat each day.

You could provide:

  • families with clean water, soap and information on keeping themselves safe. 
  • equipment and supplies to frontline medical and aid workers to care for the vulnerable and sick. 
  • food packages to prevent malnutrition, particularly amongst children, as the crisis continues. 




I still recall the bombing in Syria and how scary it was, but you can hear the explosion and run away from it. This virus is unseen and unheard, it is like an invisible weapon.

- Fatima, mum to Rahaf, 10

How your donation helps

Your donation today will make a difference, allowing us to continue this work in the fight against coronavirus. We’re on the ground right now, working to limit the spread of disease and to strengthen health systems.

But helping a vulnerable child means focusing not just on health, but also on their safety, education, nutrition, and other risks they face due to this global crisis. So we’re also supporting children through education and child protection, as well as providing basics such as food packages to the most vulnerable.

With your help, we can keep children safe by:

  • Limiting the spread of coronavirus
Ensuring there is clean water and soap, as well as creating public handwashing stations. Also, distributing sanitiser and masks where appropriate.
  • Strengthening health systems and workers
Supporting existing healthcare systems, and the healthcare workers in them. Also sharing “stay-healthy” messaging in the community, and in schools.
  • Supporting children impacted by Coronavirus
Supporting children through child protection, education, and food packages.
COVID-19 charity photo album - Iraq

Please donate now

Our heart is always for the world’s most vulnerable children and the communities where they live. Many will see their childhoods snatched away from them by this disease.

We must act now.




Together we can help protect the world’s most vulnerable children from coronavirus.

Top image photo credit: ©Islamic Relief

Caption: 9-year-old Bushra* wears a mask to protect herself from coronavirus. She lives in an overcrowded refugee camp in Idlib, Syria, and is one of millions of children who are at risk, right now.

*Name has been changed to protect her identity