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Building a brighter future

The world’s most vulnerable children are currently facing the triple threat of conflict, climate change and Covid. With the support of your school, we can continue to respond to these challenges and work together to end poverty. World Vision works with communities to provide lifesaving healthcare, clean water, nutrition, quality education, child protection and ways for families to make a living.

Whether your students are interested in climate change initiatives, female empowerment or responding to emergencies, we can share inspiring examples of our work to develop their understanding of the world around them. 


Your donation will help us protect children

Your school's support will help children access water, get an education, and receive life-saving food. You can help a child experience the fullness of life.

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How can my school support World Vision?

From one school to another you could provide...

Fundraise for children around the world

The money your school raises could help children access water, get an education, receive life-saving food. Each penny and pound goes towards making sure vulnerable children are protected.

Contact us today by emailing, and learn more about how your school could partner with World Vision.

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