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How Child Sponsorship works


Change a child’s life 

by changing their whole community,
so they can enjoy a future full of hope

You sponsor one child but help many

You can bring hope to a child and their whole community, by helping them break free from poverty.  The money you give each month will be combined with donations from other sponsors to create lasting change.  You’ll help equip the community with clean water, nutritious food, health care, education and ways to earn a living - everything they need to provide for their children and give them a healthy, happy childhood.


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How sponsorship transforms communities


The best way to change a child’s life is to change their whole community

We work together with communities to tackle the root causes of poverty. 

First, we work with local leaders and families to understand their struggles and the areas where they need support.  Together, we focus on helping the most vulnerable children in the greatest need – those at risk of the worst poverty, exploitation and abuse. 

Then we create a plan to transform the community into a safe place, where children are cared for and protected, long into the future.  This maximises the impact of your sponsorship – empowering communities to break free from poverty and become self-sustaining.

For every child helped, four more benefit too

Debby, 7, (far left) lives in Zambia.  Her sponsor's monthly donations are transforming her home, family, and community.  Her friends aren't sponsored, but thanks to sponsorship they're seeing their lives change too.

1. Brendah, 12: She can now drink clean water from the new community borehole.

2. Adam, 5: When Adam fell ill, he was treated at the new local health centre.

3. Lightwell, 10:  New reading classes have given him a love for books.

4. Beatrice, 11: Beatrice's family are now growing tomatoes, beans, okra, maize, and beautiful sunflowers - enough to share.

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How sponsorship works


How your donations make a difference

Child Sponsorship equips communities with the basics of life – nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, protection and education.  But it brings so much more – it empowers communities and gives children hope and confidence.  Your donations of £26 per month are pooled with other sponsors to meet the specific needs in your child’s community, in the following key areas:

How your child benefits 

•  Regular visits from one of our community team to check on their progress and wellbeing
•  Community-wide solutions such as water pumps, classroom equipment, teacher training and healthcare
•  Taking part in activities like children’s clubs, training and community celebration
•  Storytelling and creative activities to help them express themselves and build self-confidence
•  The opportunity to share their voice and play a part in how the community changes
•  Protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation
•  Any messages, photos or letter you send, translated and delivered by hand

What you can expect 

•  A welcome pack introducing you to your sponsored child and their community
•  An online My Sponsorship account, with the latest photos, videos and updates
•  A letter from your child, introducing themselves, soon after signing up.  You can write letters or send messages online anytime.  We’ll translate and hand-deliver them
•  Christmas and birthday cards for you to send – by post or online – for some extra encouragement
•  A photo of your child each year, with an update on how their life is changing.  And regular updates, videos and photos from your community to show how your donations are making a difference

Hear how sponsorship changes lives






See how Nancy reached her dreams


Being sponsored changed Nancy's life

Growing up in Kenya, Nancy watched as all her friends were forced to grow up too fast.

One by one, the girls in her class left school to become child brides.  She worried that her family wouldn’t be able to afford to send her to school for much longer.  But thanks to Child Sponsorship, life in her community started to change.  She excelled at school and went much further in life. ​

Hear Nancy share how her sponsor, Georgie, encouraged her to reach her dreams. 

You can change the life of another child like Nancy.  




Child sponsor - Shemi

"I would say to someone who's thinking about sponsoring...go ahead. It's the most life-changing thing ever."

- Shemi, London 



Being a sponsor changed Shemi's life too

Shemi and her family have been sponsoring Vincent (aged 15) in Uganda for seven years. 

Shemi first decided to sponsor a child when she had her first son Adam.  She thought about all the opportunities he would have – education, a safe home and food on the table – and of the many children who wouldn’t have that privilege.  She says being a sponsor has been a life-changing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most effective way to change a child’s life is to change the world where they live.  So your donations do not go directly to your sponsored child.  We pool your donations together with other sponsors’ to transform the whole community.  This means your donations go further.  They benefit your sponsored child along with many more children growing up alongside them, now and in the future.

Your sponsorship helps transform the whole community where your child lives.  Changes like clean water, improved schools and healthcare benefit all children, including your sponsored child.  Some sponsorship activities may be targeted to families in the greatest need.

So when you sponsor a child, you know they will benefit from the changes in their community.  But you know many more children – especially the most vulnerable – will benefit too.

When you sponsor a child, we’ll tell you about the challenges in their community and our plan to transform it.  Then we’ll keep you posted on the difference you are making, with regular updates, photos and videos from your sponsored child and their community.  So you can see the difference you are making, for yourself.

Every child has just one sponsor.  When you sponsor a child, you’ll learn about their family, community and everyday life.  You’ll receive a photo each year together with a note or drawing from them, as well as an update on their progress.  Your sponsored child will write to introduce themselves and you can send messages, cards or letters as often as you’d like, to share some extra joy and encouragement.

In Child Sponsorship we work with communities for ten years or more, until they are equipped to stand on their own two feet.  So when you sponsor a child, you’ll have several years to watch them grow, and see all the change in their community.  Your sponsorship will usually last until your child reaches the age of eighteen or leaves education.  But it also depends on how long we’ve been working with that community.  If you join us later on in the journey, your sponsorship might end sooner, once we’ve achieved everything we set out to do there.

If the project where you are sponsoring comes to an end, or your child moves on for any reason, we’ll let you know and give you the opportunity to sponsor another child.


Get the answers to all of your questions about child sponsorship.

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Change a child's life

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