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Transformation stories

How your legacy could bring real change for children for generations to come.

Legacies last forever

Gifts from Wills and in loving memory, make much of our work possible. Your legacy could bring real change for thousands of children – and for generations to come.

If you'd like to leave a gift in your Will, or celebrate the memory of someone, we'll support you every step of the way and tell you everything you need to know.

Together, in life and in death, we can transform the lives of vulnerable children.

Many of us want to leave the world a better place, but it can often be hard to know how to have a lasting impact.

Leaving a gift in your Will, or making a gift in memory of a loved one, is a powerful and poignant way to mark a life that was worth living.

You could be remembered for generations to come, for bringing food, water, education - for bringing hope.

Find out more about how you can help.

Child in Malawi smiles, hands round head, against a grey wall

Together we’ve impacted the lives of over 200 million vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty. 

Lives become everlasting


  • Call our dedicated legacies team 01908 84 10 60 for help and advice.

    They are not legal or financial advisers, but they can explain how a gift in your Will can help our vital work with children, the various types of gifts that you can include in your Will and their benefits. They can also help you find a solicitor in your area to talk you through the practical steps involved in making or changing a Will.

  • The legacies we receive are usually unrestricted gifts, allowing us to use the funds wherever the need is greatest at that particular time. However, we also gladly accept gifts for an area of our work that is close to your heart. If you would like to discuss any specific intentions you have, please call one of our trained legacy advisers on 01908 84 10 60 – we will do our utmost to honour your wishes.

  • We understand that family and friends come first. All we ask is that you consider leaving us a share of whatever is left in your estate once all your specific wishes have been carried out.

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