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A group of World Vision UK ambassadors stand in a room together

World Vision Charity Ambassadors

Inspiring communities to change lives

Ask our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are a team of passionate child sponsors who spread the word about World Vision.

They represent World Vision at events and promote our campaigns throughout the year.

Our ambassadors also give talks to churches, schools and in their community, to spread the word and inspire people to help change children's lives.

If you’d like an ambassador to inspire your community or help with an event, get in touch.

These have been very warm and heartfelt occasions and have given me the opportunity to meet many lovely people.


World Vision Ambassador

Become an ambassador

To hear more about what it means to be an ambassador and how to join our ambassador programme, email or call Janet on 01908 84 12 12.

If you'd like to hear first-hand from one of our ambassadors, we can put you in touch.

Meet our celebrity charity supporters

Over the last few decades we've enjoyed the support of a wide range of actors, musicians and beyond.

They've been ambassadors for our work, helping us bring global attention to the needs of our world's vulnerable children and young people, how we are working long term with local communities to meet those needs, so all children can experience the fullness of life.

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