Bishop Martin

DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

A message from Bishop Martin

"The crisis in Ukraine is creating a humanitarian catastrophe, as all of us can see from the daily news reports.  Bishop Mike and I are calling on all the parishes and congregations of the Diocese this Lent to raise funds through collections, individual gifts, events and activities, to respond to the terrible situation the people of Ukraine are facing - both in the country and as refugees. 

We are very grateful to be in partnership with World Vision who will receive our donations and handle the gift aid.

Please make your donation using the form below, and please make donations as you receive them so that they reach the people in desperate need as soon as possible. 

Be assured that every pound goes directly to those in need. World Vision is also part of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), whose appeal is supported by the UK Government.

We ask you to be as generous as possible, and to continue to pray fervently for the end of the military operation and for peace.

With prayers for you, and for the children and families affected by the conflict in Ukraine."

Bishop Martin

NB For churches making collective congregational donations, please enter the name of your church in the “First name” field, and your village/town name in the “Surname” field.


Help children affected by the crisis in Ukraine

Help us act fast to protect children whose lives have been devastated.

Please enter a minimum of £1

How your donation helps

The funds you donate to this emergency appeal will support emergency response for displaced children and families in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. We will use donations in Ukraine through partners when it is possible. If this is not possible or in the unlikely event we receive more donations than we need for this emergency, the donations will be used to help displaced and refugee populations elsewhere around the world.

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