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How to talk to children about Ukraine

Resources and advice to help navigate difficult conversations

Heavy fighting, shelling and air strikes across Ukraine have had devastating consequences for ordinary people. Over 5 million people have fled the country in recent days, and many more have had to leave their homes to escape the fighting. 

With the Ukraine conflict all over the news and social media, your child may be getting anxious. Words like “nuclear”, “sanctions” and “NATO” may be worrying and confusing. Your child may express concern to you… or be keeping it bottled up. How can you help your child during this time of conflict with Russia and Ukraine? 

Listen to your child

Give your child space to explore their own opinions, thoughts and feelings. Perhaps your child is not ready to have a conversation about this. Our worksheets can help your child talk about their emotions in their own words and encourage children to think creatively about how they can help others.

Download free children's resources here

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Offer reassurance

Children are often deeply empathetic and easily influenced by the emotional state of those around them.

If you find it difficult to reassure your child, take a break from the negative news coverage and share some of the work that World Vision Romania is doing to support refugees from Ukraine.

Turn to the Bible

When the news seems to be so full of hate, it’s good to remember that God loves us. Use the Bible to help your children deepen their trust in God and inspire them to help others. 

"Don't worry about anything ... God's peace ... will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7 (GNB)

Talk about what this Bible verse means together and explore more Bible verses about peace.

Pray for Ukraine together

Join with us to pray for those caught in the conflict.

World Vision is part of the DEC (Disasters Emergencies Committee) which is launching an appeal to help those affected.

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