Jane, 14, uses a megaphone to share protection messages with her community

It takes a world to stop violence against children

It takes people like you. Act now.

Violence can take many forms

A quarter of the world’s children – around 535 million – live in countries and communities blighted by conflict, disaster and epidemics.

Those forced to flee their homes and communities are particularly vulnerable to violence. Many more children live in extreme poverty, without access to food, water or healthcare. These conditions can make children vulnerable to many types of violence.

Stand with us to protect children

We know what works to keep children safe from violence. We work with communities to lift children out of the conditions that cause violence, and support those who have survived it by investing in programmes to help them recover and rebuild brighter futures.

We are a community of people who refuse to turn a blind eye.

Join us. It takes a world to protect vulnerable children.

Campaign for children

We started our ongoing global It takes a world to end violence against children campaign in 2016. To date, it is active in more than 80 countries. The It takes a world campaign aims to:

  • Ignite global movements for, with, and by children
  • Strengthen prevention and response measures
  • Increase funding
  • Strengthen accountability for commitments to ending violence against children

Supporters work to impact the lives of millions of girls and boys under 18 globally, contributing to the end of all forms of violence against them. We work in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, following the principle that all children deserve to be safe. 

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What our supporters have achieved

Karima's story

Karima was just 10 when her family sold her to an older man. Fortunately her teacher contacted a child protection committee, and the marriage was called off.

Karima is now back at primary school and so happy to be learning again, building her future. Getting married at 10 would have destroyed her dreams.

I told them I didn’t agree with the decision and I did not like this man. All I wanted was to go to school and get my education.


10, from Niger

How to help end violence against children

Together, we can protect and care for vulnerable children, so stories like these become a thing of the past.

Read some of our research into the issues, sign up to emails to make your voice heard in our next It Takes a World campaign. And consider becoming a Childhood Rescue supporter, to help children living in the most fragile and difficult places.

It really does take a world – but together, we can end violence against children.

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