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Group of boys playing outside in displacement camp, Dollow, Somalia

Supporting the vulnerable in an uncertain world


Last year, millions of children around the world continued to live in dangerous places and situations. Through donating to World Vision, you have helped the most vulnerable children find the courage to survive, recover, and build a future.

In 2022, the world became even more uncertain.

Just as we thought the worst effects of Covid were behind us, war broke out in Europe, food security worsened, inflation soared, and climate disasters touched nearly every corner of the globe.

For the millions of children who can’t escape conflict, disaster, political unrest or instability, donations are their lifeline.

Your giving makes this possible. Here’s how your support has benefitted those who needed it most.

Two children carrying water.
Children displaced by drought in Dollow, Somalia.

You helped make a lasting impact

We believe that every child deserves a childhood and a future.

So when life gets uncertain, our projects are designed to make the biggest impact possible. As these outcomes show, your generous gifts have made a lasting impact. Thank you for your commitment!

These are some of the moments that mattered in 2022...


The resilience of the Afghan people is hard to overstate, but the number of displaced families and children is increasing at alarming levels. With ongoing conflict and unrest affecting so many young lives in Afghanistan, you generously gave, providing these remarkable people a sense of hope and essential, life-sustaining support.

Here are the highlights…

In August 2021, life in Afghanistan changed again and your assistance was needed more than ever. With so many people uncertain about their future, the number of displaced people is increasing, and children and families are in hiding or fleeing.

We are committed to staying the course to protect children in Afghanistan, while helping them survive and recover.

Thank you for your support, to give these remarkable people a sense of hope and essential, life-giving, goods to help them survive.

Democratic Republic of Congo

With violence, poverty, natural disasters and epidemics, 2022 continued to test the resolve of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). But there is cause for hope – your donations have made a real impact by feeding severely malnourished children, helping farmers get back on their feet, and funding peace-building programmes to offset the impacts of violence.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s been achieved…

Thanks to you, hope prevails in the DRC.

Your impact in the DRC has been vital in dealing with some serious issues. With internal crises, violence, poverty and epidemics, children are especially vulnerable. And if that wasn’t overwhelming enough, a disastrous volcanic eruption in 2021 caused even more problems in 2022 by disrupting crops and reducing market sales.

Your generosity has helped create a better future for the children of the DRC, and for that, we’re truly grateful.


With your help, Honduran children now have a chance to thrive, not just survive. To stop the cycle of violence, Peace Clubs are being set up with impressive attendance, essential hygiene and biosafety supplies are being delivered to areas damaged by recent tropical storms, and educational materials are making it to areas where they’re needed the most.

Here’s how you’ve helped…

One of the biggest challenges faced by our colleagues working with the communities we serve is addressing violence in schools and educational centres. Through your ongoing support, we’ve been able to make a noticeable difference already.

We’re determined to give these incredibly resilient Honduran children the future they deserve.



After being forcibly displaced from their homes in Marawi City, as a result of violence and political instability, many Filipino families and children suffered through an uncertain existence punctuated by health and education problems. But thanks to you, nearly 17,000 Filipino families won’t just dream about a brighter future – they’ll have every chance of living it!

Here's how you’ve helped…

Football game
Football game at a playground in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Looking back...

They count on you

Your impact is burning bright for vulnerable children and people all across the world. Here’s some of what you’ve helped achieve in the most dangerous places.

Looking forward...

Three places you're needed beyond 2023

Thanks to generous supporters like you, we are able to reach even more children in dangerous places.

Can we count on your support to follow us to Mali, Somalia and Lebanon? With children in these regions highly vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, hunger and neglect, your contributions will be as important as ever!


We will never shy away from what has to be done

Our commitment to children all around the world is to help them to survive, recover, and build a future. By 2030, an estimated 80% of the world’s poorest people will be living in dangerous places.

So, while we never ignore this harsh reality, we also never settle for it. Making a difference through Childhood Rescue means the places we find ourselves working in are often complex and dangerous, but for the vulnerable children who find themselves in these situations, they can’t just pack up and leave.

That’s why we’re committed to reaching those who need us the most. Together, we’ll continue to improve lives and create better outcomes everywhere.