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Benedicte and Jusline at Jusline's home place.
Childhood Rescue

Jusline has a reason to smile

Healthy and happy with a future full of hope

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Seven-year-old Jusline, who lives in east Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is now preparing to fulfil her dream…to become a schoolgirl. 

Having suffered from ill health and malnutrition from a young age, Jusline was unable to start school when she was six, leaving her deeply upset. 

But life for her began to change when her mum took her to a mobile health clinic near her home.

This is her story...

Screening for malnutrition
World Vision nutritionist, Benedicte, spotted Jusline during screening for malnutrition. Following Jusline’s treatment in hospital, she visited her home to check on her progress and recovery.
Providing food for the family
By joining the care group, Jusline’s mum will now receive seeds and be able to grow nutritious food for her family, preventing malnutrition in the household.
Happy and healthy, Jusline playing with her friend
Jusline is full of smiles as she plays with her friend and prepares to start school, fulfilling her dream of being a schoolgirl.

Thanks to your support, the lives of children like Jusline who live in some of the world’s most dangerous places, are being changed. You’re helping and giving hope to the most vulnerable children. Together, we’ll ensure they can survive, recover from trauma and build a future.  

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