Race against time in Papua New Guinea after catastrophic landslide, World Vision warns

Press Release, 28 May 2024 – The deadly landslide in Papua New Guinea has left thousands facing a desperate struggle for survival, international humanitarian organisation World Vision warns. It is now a race against time to rescue those still buried alive, and urgent international support is needed to provide immediate relief and ensure the long-term well-being of all those affected, the charity says. 

The catastrophic landslide, which occurred early on Friday morning, ravaged Yambali ward 7 and Kaundak ward 14, displacing nearly 8,000 people and completely destroying Tulipari village. The landslide engulfed homes, schools and businesses, leaving families, including many children, without shelter or necessities. 

Early reports from the PNG government indicate that over 2,000 people were buried, while the UN estimates 670 fatalities. However, due to limited communication and the ongoing search efforts, the true scale of the disaster remains unclear. 

Chris Jensen, National Director of World Vision PNG, said: “We are in dire need of an urgent humanitarian response. Children and families are being forced to live in open areas with inadequate shelter. The health and protection risks they face from cold temperatures and unsanitary conditions are deeply concerning." 

Homes, schools, livelihoods – entire communities – have been wiped away. Survivors are facing a multitude of challenges, from the immediate need for food, shelter, and clean water, to the risk of disease outbreaks due to unsanitary conditions.

World Vision, together with other humanitarian actors and the Papua New Guinea government, are working tirelessly to respond to landslide-hit communities. The charity plans to meet the needs of 3,000 families with clean water, shelter kits and child protection programming. However, the scale of the devastation demands a coordinated international response. Urgent support is needed to provide essential supplies, improve living conditions, and ensure the safety of all affected children and families. 

"The international community's support is essential. We urgently need resources and assistance. This is a critical moment for action," Jensen added. 


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