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Buildings toppling and surrounded by rubble
10 February 2023

XTX Markets gives £1m to World Vision

Extraordinary donation received for Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.

Image credit: REUTERS/via Reuters TV

International aid organisation World Vision UK has received a £1 million donation from XTX Markets for its Turkey-Syria earthquake appeal.

World Vision is part of the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal and has launched an emergency response following Monday’s devastating earthquake, the death toll from which has now surpassed 20,000.

Mark Sheard, CEO of World Vision UK, said: “We are deeply grateful for the money donated by XTX Markets, which will be used to reach vulnerable children and their families whose lives have been ripped apart by this catastrophic disaster.

"We are hearing tragic stories from our aid workers and partners in Syria and Turkey; of babies born under the rubble and children whose entire families have been killed. In Syria, people were already bearing the weight of more than a decade of civil war and this disaster will compound the existing humanitarian crisis. XTX Markets’ donation will go a long way to reaching those in desperate need.”

We are hearing tragic stories... babies born under the rubble and children whose entire families have been killed - Mark Sheard, World Vision UK CEO

World Vision is currently undertaking a rapid assessment in both Syria and Turkey and has already begun distributing fuel and heaters to emergency shelters to help protect families from sub-zero temperatures.

In the initial stages of the response, the charity’s aid workers will be distributing emergency supplies to those most in need, including food, water, warm blankets, hygiene kits and shelters. The donation from XTX Markets will be used across World Vision's immediate response activities in both Turkey and Syria.

World Vision UK is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). The DEC brings together 15 leading humanitarian aid charities in the UK (including World Vision). It coordinates and launches collective appeals to raise funds quickly and efficiently to provide emergency aid and rapid relief to people caught up in disasters and humanitarian crises around the world.

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A woman and child sit amidst rubble while a mechanical digger works behind them.
Frantic search and rescue efforts are underway to uncover people trapped under flattened buildings

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