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Krish Kandiah

World Vision UK ambassador at COP26

Global leaders urged to listen to children's perspectives on climate change.

A pause for thought

Our newest Global Ambassador, Dr Krish Kandiah is urging world leaders to listen to children’s perspectives on climate change at COP26.

As the talks began, Krish was on BBC Radio Two's Pause for Thought: “I have met some Syrian children in refugee camps in Lebanon who could tell them what it’s like to be displaced because of a war sparked by a terrible drought. I have talked with children in Haiti made homeless by devastating earthquakes.

“…our world leaders need to reflect on what our children are telling us.”

Krish Kandiah is a writer and the founding director of Home For Good, a movement that responds to the needs of vulnerable children by finding loving homes in the care system. 

During his trip to Glasgow, Krish caught up with Andrew Morley, the Global President of World Vision.  

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