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Priya and her mum tend the vegetables together

Your support is reducing malnutrition in India

See how you’ve transformed Priya’s life

Together, we’re keeping children fed and nourished.

It’s difficult to imagine how hard life was for two-year-old Priya and her family who live in a small rural village in India. It was common for families to walk more than four kilometres when they needed to buy food or other essentials.

Priya’s parents struggled to provide healthy and nutritious food for the family and often had to ask their friends or neighbours for vegetables. Priya was diagnosed with malnutrition when she was just over one year old.

Priya’s mum worried about her daughter’s health

Her mum worked long hours as a daily wage labourer so she earned very little money, and the long hours meant she didn’t have time to walk long distances to buy vegetables every day.

Priya’s father had to regularly travel to other cities to find paid work, which meant he was often away from home for long periods of time.

Priya's mum
"I used to be embarrassed when I had to borrow vegetables and groceries from our neighbours."

Priya's mum

Now, Priya has a nutritious diet

Thanks to your support, Priya’s parents were given the help and training they needed to restore Priya back to full health.

They received 10 varieties of seasonal plant seeds to sow on empty land behind their house and received training on how to prepare the land, sow seeds and maintain the plants. They’ve also learned the importance of using organic fertilisers to grow their plants throughout the year.

After a few weeks, beautiful flowers and tiny vegetables started to grow and now Priya picks organic vegetables to eat from her very own garden each day.

Priya eating with her parents.

“I felt very proud when I started to give vegetables to my neighbours whenever they needed. Now I have given back more vegetables to all my neighbours from whom I had borrowed earlier,” Priya’s mum says smiling.

Priya's mum was delighted to see her garden flourishing, and now her home is a much happier place to be.

“We were very happy to see flowers, vegetables and fruits in our garden. Every day Priya goes to the garden to see new flowers and vegetables.” 

There isn’t a food shortage anymore

Over 1,000 families received training in their community and were given a range of seasonal seeds to plant at home. Thanks to you, Priya no longer suffers from malnutrition and is a healthy weight for her age. Her dad says she is more active now, and enjoys playing, staying active and eating well.

“I am deeply encouraged to see how Priya has changed. She was thin and lean, but now she is healthy. This programme brings real change to the children’s health,” says Shajan, a local staff member.

Together, we’ve helped provide children in need with better access to some of life’s essentials like clean water, food, healthcare and education.

Your support is giving children hope for a far brighter future.

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