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Somalia children are hungry

East African Hunger Crisis Petition

Add your voice: urge the government to act now

There is a famine in Africa.

The Horn of Africa is facing its fifth consecutive season of drought, causing desperate hunger and malnutrition among millions of people.

Please add your voice to others and sign the Hunger Crisis Petition for the UK Prime Minister to act now.

No child should wonder when their next meal will come. But that's the reality for millions as hunger in Africa spreads with every passing day.

A deadly mix of conflict, climate change, and rising costs, together with the Covid pandemic, has pushed people into hunger - and not just in East Africa. It’s part of a wider Global Hunger Crisis.

Somalia child with mother being seen by World Vision medics
Aamina, 12 months old, has severe acute malnutrition, Somalia

Risk of starvation

After the worst Africa drought in 40 years, there is a food crisis and millions of children across East Africa are at risk of starvation.

The UK Government pledged to ‘spare no effort’ to protect the most vulnerable. But further funding is urgently needed to save lives now and prevent future disasters. When hunger grows, so does conflict.

The UK Government has a responsibility to act. It is not too late to save lives and prevent a devastating famine but every day that we delay will make it more difficult to avoid tragedy.

Please act now to:

  • Speed up the process to deliver the funding that has already been promised.

  • Reverse cuts to international aid and ensure all humanitarian and development funding supports local actors who are best placed to respond quickly.

  • Longer term, we must also tackle the impact of the climate crisis on global hunger by delivering on our climate finance promises, including new money for loss and damage.

Action and funding are needed today to save lives. Please don’t let this crisis deteriorate into a catastrophe.

Sign our petition now

Send a clear message to the Prime Minister: Stop famine in East Africa. Now and in years to come.

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