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Children in Honduras who dangerously ride migrant trains
Childhood Rescue - March 2022

Migrant trains from Honduras: Next train of hope

Make a child’s dream a reality

Together, we’re helping vulnerable children stay protected against violence and danger 

What did you think about the most in your childhood? Friends, family, school - perhaps?  You probably never imagined a childhood struck by fear, desperation, and violence. 

This is the reality for children like Rosa, 12, Luis, 9, and Estefany, 12. 

Mention America to most children aged 10 and they will think of images from Disneyland, Hollywood and big-screen TV.  But for many young children in Honduras, America is aspired to as the land of safety, protection and employment to build a future for a family.  


The sad truth is, to try and reach their ‘American’ dream, children in Honduras regularly risk their lives by dangerously joining migrant trains, leaving themselves exposed to violence, smugglers and gangs. They leave everything behind in the hope of a brighter future – by foot and alone, with little money or support. 


Life can be unpredictable 

Every day, children risk their lives on a dangerous journey to cross the US border on migrant trains. For Rosa, Estefany and Luis, and thousands of children like them, they don’t take these risks for themselves, they are desperate to seek asylum in the hope of a better life for their family and their futures.  

Migrant travellers attempt to cross the US Border, daily.
Despite walls, fences and border patrols, desperate travellers risk their lives to seek asylum and build a better future.

An urgent attempt for a better life 

Extreme weather and ongoing instability in Honduras have pushed already vulnerable children and their families to their limits. And they’re prepared to do anything in their power to change it. 

“The American dream is having the hope of bettering yourself, helping your family. There's lots of people looking... and some make it, some don't.”



Children like Rosa, Luis, and Estefany shouldn’t have to live in fear. 

Migrants from Honduras, crossing the US border
Children participating in a Peace Club in Honduras

Help children reach their dreams

All children deserve a bright future, without having to leave everything behind.

Luis, 9, believes the ‘American Dream’ is, “Where you can make your dream come true. Once I crossed the border, I thought I would be able to study, build my house and help my family.” 

Luis risked her life by dangerously riding a migrant train.  

“We came back six months ago, and we are now making our own house and building it up again."



We asked Luis - Do you think there is any hope for a better future here in Honduras?

"Yes, there is!" she says.

We believe there is hope for a better future too. 

We work in the world’s most dangerous places, just like Honduras, focusing on child protection, livelihoods, and trauma. We ensure children have safe spaces to play, develop and express themselves through Peace Clubs, Music Classes and Child-Friendly Spaces. 

But without your support, children will continue to live in fear and without hope for their future. 

Donate to Childhood Rescue and change a child’s life, today. 

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