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Three children washing hands in Yilmana Dense, Ethiopia

Child sponsors making an impact

Whole communities have been transformed, thanks to World Vision child sponsors

The world seems increasingly more difficult and dangerous for children. Those living in the world’s hardest places and poorest communities are facing the perfect storm of climate change, conflict and Covid.

But thanks to our child sponsors, in 2021, the lives of two million children changed for the better.

Thanks to child sponsors, children and their communities across the world are safer, stronger and more resilient. Children have a better life and a brighter future. Thanks to child sponsors, now there’s hope.

Discover their life-changing impact

Despite the tragic news stories we hear every day, positive change is possible when whole communities are supported for the long term. And thanks to Child Sponsorship, we can develop long-term plans with communities facing challenges, working together for years to break the cycle of poverty, so that communities become self-sufficient for generations to come.

A third of our work in 2021 focused on improving sanitation and helping communities create safe and sustainable water supplies. Supported by tools, cash and training, communities in Africa were able to restore damaged landscapes, conserve soil and water, and reduce deforestation. This means they’re better protected from the risk of floods and landslides; they can grow drought-resistant crops to feed their livestock during the dry season, and they can build, diversify and safeguard their incomes. 

Positive change in Ethiopia

Communities in the Amhara region of Ethiopia faced flooding, crop failure, disease and conflict during the 15 years we worked together. But because of those who sponsored children in the area, these communities can now move on without us, able to protect their children from abuse, exploitation, illness and malnutrition.

The people in this region are stronger, healthier and more resilient thanks to:

  • restoration of degraded land and planting of 100,000 seedlings to mitigate the effects of climate change
  • 224 new or improved water sources providing safe, sustainable water supplies

  • training in child protection, nutrition and farming techniques

  • 200 new or renovated classrooms and better literacy teaching

In one of our sponsorship communities, Libo Kem Kem in Ethiopia, school attendance rose from 65% in 2013 to 97% in 2020.

It’s ignited a sense of hope in my heart. It seems that I am going to enjoy a bright future now – Meriya, 14, Ethiopia

Protecting children in Zimbabwe

In a rural community in Zimbabwe, Angel was juggling the long journey to school with caring for her younger siblings, while her parents worked in neighbouring Botswana. The dangers of the school commute, combined with society’s expectations that girls should prioritise household chores over studies, are just some of the barriers to education girls, like Angel, face. On top of that, Covid led to a rise in child marriage and early pregnancies as livelihoods suffered and poverty deepened. When Angel gave birth to her own baby boy at 16, she knew that social norms meant she’d face prejudice from peers and teachers.

But she was able to continue her studies without stigma, thanks to a programme targeting out-of-school girls shunned by society and living in extreme poverty.

It’s a safe space for me to share my vulnerabilities, and a chance to find my confidence to continue learning - Angel

Alongside their studies, the girls are encouraged to map their life aspirations and present their life plans. Angel and hundreds of girls like her now have the confidence, self-belief and opportunities to keep learning and build better futures for themselves and their families.

Disaster response

As well as helping to drive long-term change, our supporters helped save lives when families were forced from their homes by 72 disasters last year.

We responded within hours when disaster struck in 18 countries across four continents, helping provide shelter, sanitation and psychosocial support. Millions of people were forced to flee their homes by disasters such as floods, storms and earthquakes, as well as violence and conflict. Alongside urgent food, water, shelter and hygiene supplies, we also offered psychosocial support in our Child-Friendly Spaces, giving young survivors a safe place to be children again.

The work continues

Last year, our supporters changed the lives of four million people – two million of them children. Sadly, with chronic instability, conflict and violence, many more children are trapped in crippling poverty and extreme vulnerability due to illness, abuse and exploitation. Increasingly we are working in the world’s hardest places. With your support, together we can help more children face the future with hope, strength and confidence. Will you join us and help more children fulfil their God-given potential?

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