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DRC Crisis Appeal

Conflict and insecurity have forced millions of families to leave their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As the situation gets worse children make up the majority of those who’ve fled. Please help a family who have lost everything.

Christmas Appeal

This year, millions of refugee children face a Christmas away from home. Your donation will show them that they are not forgotten.

Myanmar Refugee Appeal

More than 300,000 people have fled violence in Rakhine state, Myanmar. These refugees, most of whom identify as Rohingya, are living in makeshift camps with little access to food, clean water or medical care.

East Africa Crisis Appeal

Right now, millions of children are facing desperate hunger, disease and lack of clean water in various regions of East Africa. Without food and clean water, children’s lives are in extreme danger. We urgently need your help.

Mexico Earthquake Appeal

A powerful earthquake has hit Mexico near the capital, Mexico City, and close to the border of Morelos and Puebla states. World Vision staff are on the ground and working to deploy and deliver relief supplies. Please help World Vision by donating today.

Hurricane Irma Appeal

Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record. World Vision is on the ground in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, responding with food and basic necessities.

South Sudan Refugee Appeal

Over 500 000 children have been made homeless by conflict in South Sudan. Hungry and afraid, they are struggling to survive in makeshift camps. Please give now to provide emergency food, water and medical care

Syria Crisis Appeal

The conflict in Syria is entering its seventh year. As tens of thousands flee Aleppo while the fragile ceasefire holds, we urgently need your help to support deeply traumatised children making their escape. Young children and babies are the most vulnerable. We need your help. Please donate now.

World Vision's emergency work

Help World Vision to respond quickly to disasters, as soon as they strike. By being prepared we can save more lives of children in the world’s hardest places.

Other World Vision work

When millions of people around the world are suffering through war, famine, poverty and abuse; deciding which crisis to donate to can be hard. That’s why a general donation to World Vision is a great choice, as your donation will go to where the need is greatest.

Share a Meal

Across Uganda millions of children are suffering pain and hunger. Children are chronically malnourished and refugees are arriving hungry and homeless – they all urgently need our help now.