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-Rescue a childhood-

-Your donations to Raw Hope-
-will help a child-
-to be a child again.-

No mother would want this for her children

Favourite toys, games and friends have all become a distant memory.
They've become adults too soon. Today, you can help rescue their childhoods.

Watch Abdul
and Kamal's


Abdul, 8, has to be the adult and protect his little brother

When brothers Abdul and Kamal fled the fighting in Myanmar, they lost both parents in the process. Their father was killed as they fled. Their mother couldn’t afford to cross the border with them.

They walked for five long days to reach a hot, dirty refugee camp. As Abdul explains in this film, now they only have each other.

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“Before the war, nothing worried me.”

When 14-year-old Sara fled Syria with her family, she only took two things with her – a watch, and her photo album. Both remind her of her daddy, who she adored. As violence escalated in Damascus, he was kidnapped and then brutally killed.

Sara has seen things no one ever should. She’d give anything to have her daddy back. We can’t do that for her – but we can start to rescue her childhood.

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Watch Sara's


£10 a month gives them a chance to be children again

Child-friendly spaces

The traumas some children go through can destroy their childhoods. Your donations could go towards a child-friendly space – a safe place to recover and play, where they can just be children again.

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Food, water, shelter

You can help save and protect children who are struggling to survive. They might be weak with hunger, at risk from disease or homeless after fleeing terrible violence. You can provide urgently needed food, water and shelter.

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An education and hope

It’s hard to think about the future when you’re fighting for survival. Your support will help to provide safe environments where children can continue their learning, and start to fulfil their potential.

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