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Helping children in the most dangerous places
on earth to survive, recover and build a future.

In the world’s most dangerous places, children are under threat every day.

In these volatile and changing places, it’s difficult to set up long-term help. Political instability, natural disasters and conflict make life evermore fragile. Children here are the most at risk, and that’s why we need to be there – in the fragile states torn apart by conflict and violence. In the villages reduced to rubble by natural disaster. In the refugee camps where children arrive traumatised and desperate for safety.

By supporting Raw Hope, you will help save and protect children living where hunger, drought and disease threaten the youngest of lives. Your support gets right to the heart of these places bringing relief and support to children in need and families facing crisis and uncertainty.

You will reach out to children when they are at their most vulnerable and help in three crucial ways:

How your donation helps

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