A Palestinian woman looks on as she walks on a debris-strewn street near the Watan Tower, which was destroyed in Israeli strikes, in Gaza City

World Vision Emergency Fund

Donate now to protect children most at risk during emergencies

When disaster strikes, children often suffer most.

The frequency and intensity of disasters and conflict are increasing globally. Today, there are more than double the number of emergencies there were ten years ago. Right now, more than 130 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance just to survive. Over half of them are children.

The nature of emergencies is changing too. Conflict is more vicious, complex and unpredictable. Climate change is unleashing natural disasters faster, for longer periods and with more devastating consequences for children and their families.

But as the needs continue to rapidly increase, our response and preparedness must be drastically scaled up as well. And we can't do it without you.

Your donation could help save the lives of vulnerable children affected by conflict, natural disasters, and hunger around the world.


Your donation will help us protect children

Your support will help us respond quickly to meet the urgent needs of children fleeing conflict and crisis. You can help save precious lives.

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Making a difference where it's needed most

Conflict emergencies

World Vision is seeking to help all vulnerable children, families and communities impacted by this crisis. Donations will be channelled into areas of greatest need that World Vision and its partners can access.

Your donation today can help us reach children with food, water, and healthcare. Please help deliver the lifesaving support they need to survive – before it’s too late.

Your donation today could provide essential items to families who desperately need them.

Children around the world are forced to live in the midst of devastating conflict

Thanks to your support we are able to act fast to save children's lives.

Your donation to World Vision's Emergency Fund, enables us to respond quickly to emergencies as and when they emerge around the world. Your support will make sure that food, shelter, and household items are ready to be distributed to families forced from their homes by catastrophic crises. 

Your donation will also empower families to become more resilient to shocks and support communities to build back stronger. You can help children and families recover and rebuild their lives, months after a disaster hits.

Donate now to help children and families survive, recover from trauma and rebuild their lives after an emergency.

How the Emergency Fund works

Why World Vision

World Vision is uniquely positioned to respond to crises around the world, due to our enormous operational presence in 100 countries and 70 year experience and leadership in humanitarian aid.

When an emergency hits, our presence in the country, our relief stocks in the region, and the readiness of our local staff to respond, mean we are often the first to reach children and families affected. And we are in it for the long haul.

We coordinate our programmes in partnership with national governments and other humanitarian aid organisations to see where the gaps in aid are, to ensure we meet the needs of those we are serving, and to promote a holistic approach as we respond to short and long-term crises.

We walk alongside those affected by disasters and conflict, and provide them with immediate relief, good, water, sanitation, education, child protection and health provision. We also help families protect their livelihoods during the crisis so they aren't plunged into further destitution. 

Thanks to your support, we can deliver lifesaving supplies anywhere in the world within 72 hours of a disaster - and often even sooner. 


A malnourished child is fed with food supplement

Over the last ten years, 89% of the severely malnourished children we treated made a full recovery.

World Vision is often the first to respond

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