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Thank you! We began our campaign to sponsor 1000 girls by International Day of the Girl (the 11th of October) on the 6th of August. Our target was ambitious, but our goal was one big, national push to engage as many people as possible in taking a step towards helping some of the girls around the world living in fear and poverty.

We're thrilled to say we have over 1000 girls sponsored - an incredible result. However this isn't the end of the movement. There are still millions of girls waiting for people like you to sponsor and change their lives forever.



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1140 girls sponsored


All over the world girls are denied their basic rights, their education and the opportunity to live an innocent childhood. Instead, many are forced out of school and into marriages that often result in young pregnancies. There are 12 million child brides every year – that’s 23 girls every minute.

But there's hope. Right now, World Vision Child Sponsors are standing with girls in almost 100 countries. When you sponsor a girl, you break the cycle - and give her the chance to reach her dreams. By taking action today we can stand with girls and change their future. Can you be part of this movement?

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Choose a child to sponsor, like this little girl from Kibiga-Mulagi (Kimu), Caren age 4

Sponsor Caren

Gender: girl | My age: 4
My home: Kibiga-Mulagi (Kimu), Uganda

My birthday is on the 26th March and I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. My favourite game is playing ball games. In Kibiga-Mulagi (Kimu) life is hard for children like me. But sponsor me today and you can help change my life.

12 million girls
get married every year

Our girls' clubs are empowering girls to say 'NO'.

64 million girls
are working instead of learning

We help parents earn a better income and send their girls to school.

500 million women
around the world are illiterate

With support and girls' facilities at school, this generation can get a good education.

Meet girls whose lives have been transformed

These young women faced situations whilst growing up that no child should have to face. But today, each one is empowered to learn and thrive, thanks to sponsors – people just like you – who make World Vision’s work possible.

Teriano – Fighting for education


Teriano persuaded her father to let her finish school instead of becoming a bride at 14 years old. With support from her World Vision sponsor, she is the first university graduate in her village in Kenya.

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Vinita - Dreams of becoming a nurse

Vinita was 17 when her parents planned to get her married. But with the encouragement and support of her sponsor, she continued with her education instead – and pursue her dream to become a nurse. She’s trained as an auxiliary nurse and midwife and now works at a children’s hospital in India.

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When you sponsor a girl... partner with us to give her the opportunities that might otherwise be denied her.

Your sponsorship can help a girl gain an education - and it has a ripple effect. Children born to an educated mother are 50% more likely to survive past 5 years old. The change lasts for generations to come.

World Vision has almost 70 years of experience in empowering children to reach their dreams. By sponsoring a girl, you give her an education, as well as empowering her community to make lasting improvements in areas like healthcare, clean water and family incomes. We stand apart with our holistic, long-term approach that changes a child's whole world.

Be part of this change.

Sponsor a girl

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Sponsor a girl