Bears On Stairs

700 children flee conflict in South Sudan and cross over the border into Uganda every week. Alone, sick or separated from their parents.

Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Uganda is now the largest in the world. The majority of children arriving there have witnessed their parents killed, or have no idea where they are. Many walk for more than a week with no food. They reach the settlement terrified and with no one to turn to for help.

On 27th July 2017, 700 teddy bears arrived at the steps of St Paul’s in London to raise awareness of the plight of South Sudan’s children.

We asked people to show their support by taking a picture of their Bears on Stairs and sharing it using the hashtag #BearsOnStairs.

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Threading success: Refugee youth reaping rewards from life skills training

Friday 10, Nov, 2017

Lillias is among a group of six young refugee women who learned to create brightly coloured beaded handbags, purses, necklaces, earrings and bangles. Within a few weeks, Lillias learned to quickly hook beads onto plastic strings and then hinge them together to make any desired item.

Eva’s Story

Sunday 01, Oct, 2017

A South Sudanese refugee explains how she is making a life for herself (and her sisters) in Uganda...

Bake Off - Ugandan style, with Selasi

Tuesday 26, Sep, 2017

Over 1 million refugees now live in Uganda having fled from the civil war raging in South Sudan. World Vision works with the World Food Programme to provide meals to exhausted refugees who have just made it across the border into northern Uganda, and also helps distribute monthly rations once the refugees are settled.

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South Sudan Refugee Appeal

Conflict and a terrible famine in South Sudan have forced hundreds of thousands of families to flee their homes.

Please help us to provide much needed food, water and medical supplies to those most in need.

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