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Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

Help save Afghanistan's children today

Children in Afghanistan urgently need lifesaving help.

Children and families in Afghanistan are struggling to survive. They are in the grip of a hunger crisis fuelled by drought, decades of conflict, displacement, climate change and the impact of COVID-19.

An estimated 18.4 million men, women, and children are in need of life-saving aid. They are facing starvation, malnutrition, water shortages and  hunger/water driven diseases

Over 3 million children under five are suffering from acute malnutrition. At least 1 million children are on the brink of starvation.

Though some had to leave the country, we are committed to staying in Afghanistan and meeting children’s most urgent needs. This is the right moment to be with Afghan communities and to stand by their side. But we can’t do it without your help.

Help us reach children at the brink of starvation, before it's too late.

What you can provide

Help families and children struggling to survive.

Right now, there is an immediate need for food, water and health care. Last winter’s drought has caused such a bad food crisis that currently 95% of people don’t have enough to eat. More than 8 million are one step away from famine, suffering from very high rates of malnutrition.

The destruction of family livelihoods and the severe shortage of drinking water have caused many to leave their homes and drink from unsafe water sources. A near-collapse of the health system is only further adding to this unprecedented humanitarian crisis.


"We are now looking at the worst humanitarian crisis on earth."

- World Food Programme's executive director David Beasley


Our work in Afghanistan

For 20 years World Vision has worked in Afghanistan to address extensive life-threatening humanitarian needs brought about by conflict, climate change and other disasters. We have worked to protect girls and boys, provide them with an education, promoted better health and sanitation, and helped to build livelihoods.

Our commitment to helping families build brighter futures for their children remains.

Afghanistan is filled with children who have amazing potential and we are here to serve them and help them reach fullness of life. Our courageous staff are unrelenting in their pursuit to achieve this, constantly securing humanitarian and development access in the most difficult and dangerous places.

Our teams are on the ground, providing food, clean water and healthcare to the most vulnerable. Most of World Vision Afghanistan’s 300+ staff are locals. They are experienced, committed and know the needs of children and families better than anyone.

Your donation today will help us continue to transform the futures of vulnerable children by providing access to water, food, healthcare, and child protection.

The resilience and fortitude of the Afghan people has its limits. They're now at their most vulnerable and we cannot abandon them now.

Asuntha Charles

National Director, World Vision Afghanistan

Our impact so far

Our teams are on the ground running 15 mobile health and nutrition clinics in the provinces Herat, Ghor, Badghis and Faryab, providing primary life-saving healthcare services to the 44,525 people. Almost half of them were girls and boys under five years old. 

With the support of our donors and partners, we have constructed 18 new solar powered water systems and fixed 5 others, providing 31,629 people, including 18,033 children, with improved access to safe water. Especially for women and children, who bear the biggest burden of fetching water, this has been a big improvement. Distances to safe water points have drastically been reduced from up to 5km to less than 500 metres.

World Vision is providing families with food packages to meet the food and nutritional gaps they are currently experiencing. From December to early January we provided life-saving food assistance to 27,075 households. But many more still urgently need help.


How we work in emergencies

When emergencies hit, children are often most at risk. That’s why we need to be there – in places torn apart by disasters and conflict.

Your support is needed now more than ever

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Together we’ve impacted the lives of over 200 million​ vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty.​

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