Help those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Help us act fast to protect the lives of those that have been devastated.

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Get help to those who need it most

Two devastating earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 have hit parts of Turkey and Syria. Thousands of people have been killed and many more are injured. Destruction is widespread, with buildings reduced to rubble and hundreds still trapped inside.

With the number of casualties still rising, we’re ready to support those whose lives have been turned upside down by this disaster. Our local teams will be taking emergency supplies to those most in need, including food, water, warm blankets, hygiene kits and shelters.

But we need your support.

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Our local teams are quickly pulling together to get help to those who need it most. Your donation today will help support children and families whose lives have been shattered.

You can help provide essential items that make a life changing difference in the aftermath of a disaster like this.

How we work in emergencies

When emergencies hit, children are often the most at risk. That’s why we need to be there – in places torn apart by disasters and conflict.

Your support is needed now more than ever

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